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May 2012




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May. 15th, 2012



Hello Livejournal. I forgot about you!

Apr. 11th, 2011


Not Dead

I am not dead (probably). Not posting much anywhere due to ongoing boring work/mental issues but trying to sort myself out a bit. If you want to keep in touch that would be cool.

I am on twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/anxious_silence
I am on Tumblr - anxioussilence.tumblr.com
I am on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/anxious_silence/
I have my own website which I very rarely update - http://www.anxioussilence.co.uk/blog/

I'm also on Facebook and probably some other places I've forgotten about.

I may start posting on here again a bit depending on how mental I feel.


Jun. 9th, 2010



Jesus, is there some virus attacking couriers this week. So far in the past week:

DHL - Failed to deliver despite us being in. Took our parcel to Blockbuster Video (not actually that close to our house). Didn't bother telling us they had done this. Took a morning of phone calls to work out where the hell the parcel was. Driver had told chap in Blockbuster that he had tried to deliver twice and we had not been in and he had left a card saying where parcel was. Both of these were lies.

HDNL - Marked delivery as 'Refused'. Tried to call them to sort it but phone system only allows you through if you have a reference number from one of their cards. Didn't leave a card so no reference number. Just made up numbers until it let me through (it did cut me off at one point). Kept on hold for 15 minutes at 10p a minute. Eventual response "We don't know what happened and we've returned it to supplier nothing we can do". Amazon sent me a new one.

Additions Direct - Customer service email bounces as "Account doesn't exist". Tracking says it was delivered. It wasn't. A phone call to them and they claim it was definitely delivered and we have to send them proof via post that it wasn't delivered before they will do anything. That's http://www.additionsdirect.co.uk/ very helpful. I eventually found a contact form to complain at. Apparently it will take 4 days for them to respond.

Might be cheaper and easier to just drive to shops and buy stuff in future.

Jun. 8th, 2010


Help.... Mailer Service

[edit] Panic Over. Have been aided by a lovely man.


I have a client who are an action group trying through political means to help a whole load of pensioners who were shafted by a fuckup in the financial industry to get their pensions back.

They've been at this for ten years, well established, lots of press coverage and the like, well respected and all that.

They have a membership list of 25000 people, it has grown recently from 12000.

We used to use Campaign Monitor to send the members the updates on the progress of the campaign.

Since the member base has grown over the last couple of months Campaign Monitor look like they might be about to kick us out for spam. It's not spam (seriously).

The problem is this is a Members list rather than a mailing list, different enough to cause problems. Technically these people have paid to be members to receive updates.

Simply. I need to be able to send a legitimate email to these people by the end of today otherwise all manner of hell is going to land on me. Campaign Monitor may well unblock us but they are taking their time and asking lots of questions. It doesn't look great.

Any suggestions on other legit mailing services that will enable me to get this mail out today without any 24 hour hold for a list that size. I may be skinned and buggered otherwise.


Jun. 1st, 2010



A big fuck you just received. I am venting.

Had a horrific if entertaining day last week. One of the agencies I work with were asked to supply the technical side of a project for another agency for a Hedge Fund company in London, so I was called in to be the technical side (nice chain of agencies here).

We (the agency I work (LovelyAgency) for and I) were told the job had been secured and we just needed to work out what the technical requirements of the job were. We were booked in for a meeting in (/on?) the Embankment thursday Morning. Because I love the chaps at the agency (they are awesome but I won't say who they are here) I agreed to do the initial tech meeting for nothing as they were being giving nothing for the initial meeting/brief by either the agency further up the chain (TwattyAgency) or the end client. Didn't want to be a dick about it and my manager at LovelyAgency agreed to transport me there and buy me lunch.

Because we are hicks from the rurals of Berkshire we got a bit confused in the big city and were about 15 minutes late for the meeting (we did phone and let them know). When we arrived very apologetic the chap from the end agency (let's call him Twat) rather than thanking us for making the effort, or bothering to even acknowlege me beyond a brief 'Hello, I am Twat' just compained about us being late and how we should have planned our journey better. Possibly true but as I say we had apologised.

Walked us to reception, LovelyManager says to receptionist 'Hi, we're LovelyManager and Bob from LovelyAgency'. Her only response:


That was it. An abrupt, aggressive, single word. We gave them, she slammed down two name tags on the desk and said 'Bring them back when you leave', because us rural types love nicking shitty name badges.

Don't get me wrong, the receptionist wasn't the biggest cunt in the room. Everyone else we encountered there was much much worse, she would have to be psychotic for it not to have effected her.

Ushered up to a meeting room where we were told how our lateness had caused much grief and certain people couldn't make it now as they were VERY IMPORTANT, far too important to be kept waiting for us. They had important things to be getting on with. Again, no 'thanks for coming and seeing us'. Sat down in a worryingly shiny meeting room faced with the two most po-faced individuals I have met in my life and told - 'Please give us your presentation, we have other agencies to see'


Urm. Twat had clearly informed us that (a) the job was ours (b) this was a technical fact finding mission. Twat avoided our collective gaze. I giggled. I probably shouldn't have but in these situations I find it best not to take things too seriously. Stuck in a shiny room in a big building full of utter utter cunts facing us down for a lot of money's worth of work my first reaction should not be to find the whole thing fucking hilarious but I did (and still do).

LovelyManager tried his damndest to cover and basically explained we were here to take technical details. CuntA and CuntB explained they were non-technical and so this was probably a waste of time. I waded in and just asked lots of sensible questions and had the most painfully earnest conversation about very dull financial systems of my life. I usually do well here, I thought I had, I didn't stutter, was a little over-confident (which you would expect these people to appreciate). I did realise at one point I was just swinging round in my chair while answering questions which would seem a little too cocky. They seemed to expect a huge degree of respect, although not sure what for. They certainly didn't appreciate my sense of humour, got mostly scowls for my witty asides.

I did get a modicum of entertainment on the few occasions they directed questions at Twat, who was utterly incapable of answering anything. He clearly knew it was a pitch not a fact finding mission yet had NOTHING prepared at all. When asked how he would be improving the design and layout of their 'thing' he mumbled something about modernisation and stutted a lot. By about 30 minutes in I started being a bit of a cunt myself just to see his reaction. I could hear his anus sealing shut when I told the client I was unsure why they felt the need to upgrade their system as what they had worked fine.

We had already planned to make excuses not to linger with Twat as LovelyManager thought he was a twat, quick chat outside, still no 'thanks for making the fucking effort oh and thanks for being the only people in the room capable of answering any fucking questions' just a grumble about how we should make sure we quoted as low as possible.

We ran away. I stated my position that unless the cash was VERY good (which it wouldn't be with a chain that long and anyway it looked like Twat had already given them a budget and timeline before even telling us what the job involved) it would be a fucking hellish job spending 3 - 6 months dealing with Twat and an entire empire of Cunts which I just didn't want to do.

Fortunately, and unsurprisingly we didn't get the job (which Twat had told us was ours, hence his decision to not pay LovelyAgency, LovelyManager or myself anything for our day out).

I'm glad we didn't get it, I didn't want it, the work was dull and the people were awful. But I am annoyed at the attitude. The clients themselves were just horrific ugly (not in a physical sense) people, I don't like what they do for a living and I hated their pompous rudeness.

I am more annoyed at Twat from TwattyAgency. I have just been forwarded an email he sent to LovelyManager at LovelyAgency, basically blaming LovelyAgency for a 'disaster'. Given his utter fucking incompetence I'm amazed he has the balls to even talk to us (not that he ever talked to me really anyway). Still no 'thanks for coming'.

p.s. I work for some fucking awesome people especially LovelyAgency for which I am very grateful, if I had to deal with fuckheads like this all the time, I would not be able to continue with this career.

Apr. 23rd, 2010


Listen to this

Spucktute - Go To War. Free EP

New This Is Radio Silence track: Sol Niger (part one)

Mar. 18th, 2010


New Antichrist?


Lady K is officially pregnant. We shall commence upbringing at the end of September.

Please send sanity, time, cash and lots of drugs.

Mar. 12th, 2010


Votey Vote Vote

Because otherwise I spend my days lounging around doing nothing I've got myself involved with a project to convince the yoot that voting, and taking their choice of who to vote for seriously are serious business. Assorted bits and pieces of spam nonsense will be emanating from me with regard to this over the next few weeks.

If you love me it would be cool if you could sign up to the Facebook group:

We also need people to help write articles and stuff on the topic, and anyone with access to proper politicians that can be interviewed, any political journalists. Or in fact anyone with bright ideas that might be of help. Will be hassling some of you direct in the coming days but if anyone actively wants to get involved at any level (even just knocking out a quick paragraph in a funny style on why voting is not for cunts) please get in touch. Pref by email - bob@shinytastic.com

I/We are fully aware that this is a bit late notice for the election, but we're going to do it anyway.

Feb. 9th, 2010


My Creative Industry

Fucks sake.

My morning in this most creative of industries has been spent arguing with a client over whether he should pay his bill.

Outstanding invoices to about £600 from a year ago, I know I should have just done small claims a while back but I am an idiot (I will be in future). His hosting expires in a few days and I've told him it doesn't get renewed unless everything outstanding is paid off immediately and he pays for renewal up-front. He argues that he cannot afford to pay for anything and he needs the website to run his company. I argue that I need to be paid for services rendered and I don't actually make anything on hosting anyway we just get charged by the hosting company. He argues cannot afford to pay for anything but he can't afford to have his website go down.

.... and so on, in a horrible loop of bad feeling and mistrust, which puts me in a great mental place for the design work I need to get the fuck on with before that client starts ringing me asking why the fuck I've not sent anything over yet because they only asked for it yesterday and it can't take more than an hour to design a logo can it? And then the other handful of clients with their completely unrealistic deadlines and budgets get on my case for the rest of the day, and they we hit 6pm and I've done nothing of use because I've spent all fucking day explaining to people that I will get nothing done until they go away and stop hassling me. Then it all starts again tomorrow.

Fuck this shit, there has to be something else I can learn to do.

[Edit]... and you know what really fucks me off? My stupid fucking head is now telling me I'm some sort of cunt for trying to make the guy pay me for stuff. What the fuck is wrong with me? Seriously, I know logically that I should not be feeling guilty but part of me just wants to renew his damn account and let him get on with it just to avoid the confrontation. When did I become suck a fucking prick.

Jan. 18th, 2010


This Is Radio Silence - Now There's Nothing - Free download - Out now

This Is Radio Silence - Now There's Nothing

The new This Is Radio Silence EP is available now for free download. 8 high quality mp3s and a pdf booklet.

Click here to download This Is Radio Silence - Now There's Nothing

Tracklist is:

1. 000000
2. Adoration
3. Forever Ends Today
4. Living A Broken Dream
5. Unbeautiful
6. The Truth Is In Your Trigger Finger
7. 000000 (Now There's Nothing remix)
8. We Fall Apart


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